Gratitude: A Simple Practice

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In today’s times it’s tough to find reasons to be thankful.

I try to stay focused on the good by leaving a small notepad and pen by my nightstand. Every night, I jot down at least 3-5 things that I’m grateful for.  If you had an extremely bad day, perhaps making a list of what might have gone well, no matter how simple it might be, may help.  Some ideas are:

  • Had a good cup of coffee
  • Not too much traffic on the way to work
  • Didn’t work through lunch
  • No bills or junk mail today  (a rarity, but when it happens?  Yay!)
  • Made it home in time for ____ (insert TV show here)

Believe me, I felt so silly at first, but before I knew it, I become calmer, more aware and definitely more appreciative of the world around me!  I also noticed that I started adding happier things into my daily regimen.

What’s your gratitude practice?  Feel free to share in the comments below!